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Information Security Journey

I'm Robert Bigman, the founder of 2BSecure Inc. and I embarked on this journey after retiring from a 30-year career at the Central Intelligence Agency. I dedicated the last 15 years of my government career to being the Chief Information Security Officer for the agency. Now, I have a combined 40-plus years of assisting organizations and governments in securing their digital assets.

My Background

Throughout my career, I received numerous awards for my contributions, notably building the model information security program in the U.S. Intelligence Community. My impact extends beyond the CIA, as I played a pivotal role in shaping almost every Intelligence Community and U.S. Government information security policy. I frequently briefed congressional committees and presidential commissions on matters related to cybersecurity.

At the CIA, my diverse experiences included:

  • Security Program Planning/Management
  • System/Network Security Architecture
  • Cryptography
  • Security Policy/Processes/Procedures
  • Application/Data Security Protection
  • Security Risk Assessment/Management
  • Technical Security Evaluations
  • Security Training
  • Commercial Partner Engagements
2BSecure Inc.
2BSecure Inc.

Recent Engagements

In recent years, I've been actively involved in impactful cybersecurity initiatives. Some notable engagements include:

  • Assisting a major telecommunications company in building a comprehensive cybersecurity program, focusing on the right mix of technical controls.
  • Supporting a major medical services company in the separation of operational and business devices and networks.
  • Conducting a technical controls risk assessment and recommendations report for a critical infrastructure energy company.
  • Serving as a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer for a manufacturing concern.
  • Providing expertise to a government contractor on a sensitive identity and access management project.

Unrivaled Expertise

With a proven track record and a deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, I bring unparalleled expertise to the table. My commitment is to assist organizations in navigating the complex realm of cybersecurity, providing strategic guidance, and implementing effective solutions.

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